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Degrees, Diplomas & Certificates
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Gainful Employment Information

Program Name Program Code CIP Code
Accounting-Associate Degree A25100 52.0301
Accounting-Certificate/Pathway C25100P 52.0301
Accounting-Bookkeeping-Certificate/Pathway C25100BP 52.0301
Accounting-Income Tax Preparation
Accounting-Income Tax Preparer-Certificate C25100B 52.0301
Accounting-Income Tax Preparation-Certificate/Pathway C25100TP 52.0301
Accounting Other
Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bookkeeping-Certificate C25100A 52.0301
Payroll Accounting Clerk-Certificate C25100C 52.0301
Advertising and Graphic Design
Advertising and Graphic Design-Associate Degree A30100 50.0402
Advertising and Graphic Design-Diploma D30100 50.0402
Advertising and Graphic Design-Certificate C30100 50.0402
Advertising and Graphic Design-Certificate/Pathway C30100P 50.0402
Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology
Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology-Diploma D35100 47.0201
Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology-Certificate/Pathway C35100P 47.0201
Associate in Arts and Science
Associate in Arts A10100 24.0101
Associate in Science A10400 24.0101
Automotive Systems Technology
Automotive Systems Technology-Associate Degree A60160 47.0604
Automotive Systems Technology-Diploma D60160 47.0604
Automotive Systems Technology-Certificate C60160 47.0604
Automotive Systems Technology-Certificate/Pathway C60160P 47.0604
Basic Law Enforcement Training
Basic Law Enforcement Training-Certificate C55120 43.0107
Business Administration
Business Administration
Business Administration-Associate Degree A25120 52.0201
Business Administration-Associate Degree A25120B 52.0201
Business Administration-Certificate/Pathway C25120P 52.0201
Business Administration-Marketing & Retail
Business Administration-Marketing & Retail-Associate Degree A25120M 52.0201
Business Administration-Marketing & Retail-Certificate/Pathway C25120FP 52.0201
Business Administration-Operations Management
Business Administration-Operations Management-Associate Degree A25120O 52.0201
Business Administration-Operations Management-Certificate C25120O 52.0201
Business Administration-Operations Management-Certificate/Pathway C25120OP 52.0201
Carpentry-Diploma D35180 46.0201
Carpentry-Certificate C35180 46.0201
Carpentry-Certificate/Pathway C35180P 46.0201
Collision Repair & Refinishing Technology
Collision Repair & Refinishing Technology-Diploma D60130 47.0603
Collision Repair Structural Damage-Diploma C60130SD 47.0603
Collision Repair & Refinishing Technology-Certificate C60130 47.0603
Collision Repair & Refinishing Technology-Certificate/Pathway C60130P 47.0603
Computer Integrated Machining
Computer Integrated Machining-Associate Degree A50210 48.0503
Computer Integrated Machining-Diploma D50210 48.0503
Computer Integrated Machining-Certificate/Pathway C50210P 48.0503
Cosmetology-Associate Degree A55140 12.0401
Cosmetology-Diploma D55140 12.0401
Cosmetology-Certificate/Pathway C55140P 12.0401
Cosmetology Instructor-Certificate C55160 12.0413
Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education-Associate Degree A55220 13.121
Early Childhood-Diploma D55220 13.121
Early Childhood-Certificate C55220 13.121
Early Childhood-Certificate/Pathway C55220P 13.121
Early Childhood-Special Education
Early Childhood Special Education-Certificate C55220S 13.121
Infant/Toddler Care
Infant/Toddler Care-Certificate C55220I 13.121
School-Age Education
School-Age Education-Associate Degree A55440 13.1202
School-Age Child-Diploma D55440 13.1202
School-Age Child-Certificate C55440 13.1202
Electrical System Technology
Electrical System Technology-Associate Degree A35130 46.0302
Electrical System Technology-Diploma D35130 46.0302
Electrical System Technology-Certificate/Pathway C35130P 46.0302
Emergency Management
Emergency Management
Emergency Management-Associate Degree A55460 43.0302
Emergency Management-Certificate C55460E 43.0302
Emergency Management-Certificate/Pathway C55460EP 43.0302
Emergency Management-Criminal Justice
Emergency Management-Criminal Justice-Certificate C55460C 43.0302
Emergency Management-Criminal Justice-Certificate/Pathway C55460CP 43.0302
Emergency Management-Fire Protection
Emergency Management-Fire Protection-Certificate/Pathway C55460FP 43.0302
Emergency Management-Fire Technology-Certificate C55460F 43.0302
Associate in Engineering A10500 14.0102
Esthetics Technology
Esthetics Technology-Certificate C55230 12.0409
Esthetics Technology-Certificate/Pathway C55230P 12.0409
Esthetics Technology Instructor-Certificate C55270 12.0413
General Education
General Education-Associate Degree A10300 24.0199
General Education (Pre-Nursing)-Associate Degree A10300PN 24.0199
General Occupation Technology
General Occupation Technology-Associate Degree A55280 24.0102
Health Information Technology
Health Information Technology
Health Information Technology-Associate Degree A45360 51.0707
Health Information Technology-Diploma D45360 51.0707
Health Information Technology-Certificate/Pathway C45360P 51.0707
Health Information Technology-Certificate/Pathway C45360BP 51.0707
Health Information Technology-Health Care Informatics
Health Information Technology-Health Care Informatics-Certificate C45360IF 51.0707
Health Information Technology-Health Care Informatics C45360IP 51.0707
Health Information Technology-Other
HIT-Medical Billing and Coding-Certificate C45360B 51.0707
HIT-Release of Information-Certificate C45360 51.0707
Industrial Systems Technology
Industrial Systems Technology
Industrial Systems Technology-Associate Degree A50240 15.0499
Industrial Systems Technology-Diploma D50240 15.0499
Industrial Systems Technology-Certificate/Pathway C50240P 15.0499
Industrial Systems Technology-Refrigeration
Industrial Systems Technology-Refrigeration-Certificate A C50240A 15.0499
Industrial Systems Technology-Refrigeration-Certificate B C50240B 15.0499
Information Systems
Information Technology
Information Systems Advanced C25590B 11.0103
Information Technology C25590A 11.0103
Information Technology A25590 11.0103
Information Technology C25590AP 11.0103
Information Technology-Advanced C25590BP 11.0103
Information Technology-Network Management
Information Technology-Advanced Network Management C25590DP 11.0103
Information Technology-Network Management C25590CP 11.0103
Network Management C25590C 11.0103
Network Management Advanced C25590D 11.0103
Network Management Diploma D25590B 11.0103
Information Technology-Software and Web Development
Information Technology-Software & Web Design Advanced C25590FP 11.0103
Information Technology-Software & Web Design C25590EP 11.0103
Information Technology-Web Administration
Information Technology-Web Admin & Design C25590GP 11.0103
Information Technology-Web Admin & Design Advanced C25590HP 11.0103
Information Technology (Information Systems) A25590A 11.0103
Information Technology (Network Management) A25590B 11.0103
Information Technology (Software & Web Development) A25590C 11.0103
Information Technology (Web Administration & Design) A25590D 11.0103
Software & Web Development C25590E 11.0103
Software & Web Development Advanced C25590F 11.0103
Web Administration & Design Advanced C25590F 11.0103
Web Administration & Design C25590G 11.0103
Landscape Gardening
Landscape Gardening
Landscape Gardening-Associate Degree A15260 1.0605
Landscape Gardening-General-Certificate C15260G 1.0605
Landscape Gardening-General-Certificate/Pathway C15260GP 1.0605
Landscape Gardening-Installation & Maintenance
Landscape Gardening-Installation & Maintenance-Certificate C15260I 1.0605
Landscape Gardening-Installation & Maintenance-Certificate/Pathway C15260IP 1.0605
Landscape Gardening-Production
Landscape Gardening-Production-Certificate C15260P 1.0605
Landscape Gardening-Production-Certificate/Pathway C15260PP 1.0605
Manicuring/Nail Technology
Manicuring/Nail Technology-Certificate C55400 12.041
Manicuring/Nail Technology-Certificate/Pathway C55400MP 12.041
Associate Degree Nursing
Associate Degree Nursing A45110 51.3801
Practical Nursing
Practical Nursing-Diploma D45660 51.3901
Nurse Aide
Nurse Aide D45970 51.3902
Nurse Aide-Certificate C45840 51.3902
Nurse Aide-Certificate/Pathway C45840P 51.3902
Office Administration
General Office Administration
General Office Administration-Associate Degree A25370A 52.0204
General Office Administration-Diploma D25370A 52.0204
General Office Administration-Certificate C25370A 52.0204
Office Administration
Office Administration-Associate Degree A25370 52.0204
Office Administration-Certificate/Pathway C25370P 52.0204
Office Administration-Other
Office Finance-Associate Degree A25370B 52.0204
Office Software-Associate Degree A25370C 52.0204
Photographic Technology
Photographic Technology-Associate Degree A30280 10.0201
Photographic Technology-Certificate C30280 10.0201
Photographic Technology-Certificate/Pathway C30280P 10.0201
Surgical Technology
Surgical Technology-Diploma D45740 51.0909
Welding Technology
Welding Technology-Diploma D50420 48.0508
Welding Technology-Certificate C50420 48.0508
Welding Technology-Certificate/Pathway C50420P 48.0508

The College awards
Upon successful completion of non-credit Continuing Education courses.

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction awards
to individuals who make satisfactory scores on
General Educational Development (GED) examinations.



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